ZTS Multi Battery Tester - ZTS MBT-1

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Multi Battery Tester 

Key Features

  • Easy to use - no switches or settings
  • Know how much power is left in your batteries
  • Quickly and easily identifies weak or failing batteries
  • Applications: Electronics, medical, safety, security, office, scientific, wireless devices, remotes, industrial, manufacturing, government, utilities, and more
  • Fully automatic - high accuracy Pulse Load test: Battery performance is very important in today's electronic devices. This tester provides a fully automatic pulse load test to determine state of charge (SOC) or state of power. The pulse load test simulates real power demand and measures battery performance, not just voltage.
  • Ideal for battery management and cell matching
  • Made in U.S.A. Patent 6,823,274
ZTS Multi Battery Tester - ZTS MBT-1