CookPerfect - Extra Probe (No Transmitter - Extra Probe Only)

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Key Features

  • ► AUTOMATIC CORE TEMPERATURE READINGS - Thanks to our new PATENTED technology, it has never been easier to use a wireless meat thermometer. CookPerfect automatically finds the meat's core temp, regardless of how the probe is placed in the meat (SEE VIDEO)
  • ► 1 YEAR WARRANTY - When buying this digital meat thermometer you get a 1-year EXTENDED warranty!
  • ► 1 PROBE FOR MEAT AND AIR TEMPERATURE - With CookPerfect, you don´t have to use 2 probes when you need the meat´s core temperature and the oven or grills air temperature. This bluetooth meat thermometer messaures the meat and air temperature with the same probe!
  • ► REMAINING COOK TIME IN APP - Within minutes of using CookPefect digital wifi meat thermometer you´ll receive an estimated time on your smartphone app to let you know how much cooking time remains!
  • ► 400ft BLUETOOTH RANGE - Move around the kitchen, house or garden and still be able to see when your meat will be done thanks to our LONG RANGE 400ft wireless bluetooth connectivity!

The easiest way to ensure perfect meat.

As any good chef will tell you, to get perfect meat, you need to control the meat´s core temperature.

That´s why we invented the smartest meat thermometer on the market with 5 measure points and an app with an advanced algorithm, that automatically makes sure you get the correct meat temperature every time.

No more ruined meat at the dinner table.

Kasper and Martin are the founders of CookPerfect and long time friends.

The idea began in the annoyance of how complicated it was to achieve perfectly cooked meat on the grill using the regular meat thermometers available on the market. Like many Danes, we love to barbecue, but have too often experienced that the delicious meat on our barbecues was over- or undercooked, despite always using meat thermometers. We thought there had to be a simpler and better way, and that idea resulted in the CookPerfect.

CookPerfect - Extra Probe (No Transmitter - Extra Probe Only)