TRITON AUDIO Phantom Power Blocker Connector

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  • Protects Vintage Equipment
  • Prevents Short Circuits
  • Protects Computer Interfaces
  • Signal Passes Unaffected
  • Protects gear that is connected to mixers with global phantom power


Triton Audio's Phantom Power Blocker Connector safeguards your equipment from phantom power while allowing signal to pass freely in both directions. Connect it to the cable which plugs into your gear to ensure that you won't be blowing up your beloved Dynaco pre. Phantom power can be applied to either the male or the female side of Phantom Blocker's XLR connector and will not reach the opposing XLR connector, protecting devices like computer interfaces that are connected to mixers with phantom power engaged. Phantom Power Blocker also prevents shorts when connecting unbalanced TRS cables to XLRs.

TRITON AUDIO Phantom Power Blocker Connector