Top Coat F11 Prep Kit, TopCoat PolyWash is MADE IN AMERICA

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  • TOPCOAT POLYWASH is MADE IN AMERICA and is formulated with our advanced Micro-Bond technology - designed for the automatic car wash industry. TOPCOAT F11 Polish and Sealer is Eco-Safe, MADE IN AMERICA🇺🇸, and is designed to replace, out-perform, and out-last any other traditional cleaning, sealing, and polishing product! This kit consists of (1) 16oz. F11 Spray Bottle, (1) 16oz. PolyWash Bottle and (2) Ultra-Micro16 Detail Towels.
  • PREP your surface with TopCoat PolyWash BEFORE applying one of our TopCoat sealers (F11). PolyWash washes off heavy dust, dirt and debris build-up, therefore ALWAYS making this the first step! All you have to do is mix your PolyWash with the suggested ratio of water and apply on your vehicle, plane, motorcycle and more!
  • CLEANS any surface with ease and zero damage! The combined power of F11 and PolyWash outperforms traditional cleaners and is the ideal solution for dirt and grime. PolyWash is created with extreme hydrophobic properties and a rapid drying formula, making it quick to hand dry the surface with a towel
  • TOPCOAT F11 is created with a water-based, non-stick formula containing no VOC’s, solvents or abrasive compounds. F11 maximizes depth of color with minimal effort & takes less than half the time than wax! Apply this multi-purpose sealer in a quick, 1-step hand application. F11 keeps coated surfaces cleaner longer and makes it simpler to maintain! F11 is SAFE to apply in closed spaces, can withstand high temperatures & isn’t flammable, making it great for engines, glass stovetops, and grills.
  • STREAK- FREE & RESTORES vehicles to their showroom shine!💎 F11 TopCoat Polish and Sealer is designed to be slicker, with improved depth of color & micro-scratch concealment. F11 protects and reduces harmful effects from bird droppings, bug splatter, acid rain, brake dust, weathering, and dirt and debris on any surface. F11 is the ULTIMATE wax replacement sealer for your car, motorcycle, RV, boat, or plane, and does NOT leave a white wax residue!
Top Coat F11 Prep Kit, TopCoat PolyWash is MADE IN AMERICA