Thermotex Platinum Infrared Heating Pad 17" x 15"

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Thermotex Platinum Far Infrared Heating Pad is a flexible 17" by 15" pad with three patented heating inserts. It is the most studied, popular and versatile far infrared therapeutic device in the industry. The Platinum System provides targeted, safe and effective infrared heat to almost every part of the body.

The Platinum penetrates 10x deeper to increase blood flow in large muscle groups in the body including the upper and lower back, hamstrings, abdomen and arms.

After just 20 minutes of use, the soothing infrared wavelengths penetrate up to 2.36 inches into the applied area. This results in an increase in blood flow, which provides nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area to relieve pain and inflammation. These enhanced natural properties are what the body requires to heal.

Provides relief from

  • Muscle pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sprains & strains.
  • Inflammation

Helps to improve:

  • Deep muscular relaxation
  • Increased circulation to the area that is being treated.
  • The removal of harmful and painful pro-inflammatory mediators (toxins)
  • Post activity recovery
  • Reduced risk of injury pre and post activity
  • Reduce and remove lactic acid build up

Thermotex Platinum Infrared Heating Pad 17" x 15"