SEC America Pump Sentry 822PS Battery Backup For Sump Pumps

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SEC America Pump Sentry - 822PS - Primary Sump/Sewage Pump Backup

822PS Pump Sentry is among the most advanced sump pump emergency battery backup systems available. It interfaces between a pump and its AC wall outlet. When AC utility power is present, the 822PS charges a battery and monitors the wall outlet to detect a power outage. At the moment utility power fails, the 822PS draws energy from a battery and converts it to enable pump operation. When utility power returns, the 822PS automatically switches the pump back to AC wall outlet power.

Key Features

  • How It Works: Pump Sentry will reliably power your sump pump during a power outage; it automatically switches to battery when AC power goes out & will automatically recharge when power is restored
  • Features: UL & CSA accredited, this 1200 Watt battery backup is compact; it’s designed to operate most sump pumps up to 9 amps & comes with indicators for power output, battery charge, & battery replace. Not for use with pedestal pumps.
  • Compact & Durable: This sump pump battery backup is housed in rugged aluminum & comes in a compact size; supports full pump capacity & can be easily installed; it offers a silent & clean operation
  • What You Need: For functionality of the battery backup, connect a 12Volt deep cycle marine battery (purchased separately) with a capacity rating between 90 & 200 ampere hours; battery cables included
  • Brand Promise: We take pride in our rugged, built-to-last products & offer a 2-year factory warranty on our sump pump battery backup system; made & serviced in the USA
SEC America Pump Sentry 822PS Battery Backup For Sump Pumps