Pump Sentry 1622- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps by Sec America (1622PS+27-Snap-Top-Box)

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Key Features

  • 1600 Watt Battery Backup, UL & CSA Approved
  • Battery Cables Included, Rugged Aluminum Housing Compact Size
  • For Wall Mount or Surface Mount Installation with 2 Year Factory Warranty On Sump Pump Battery Backup
  • You will need to purchase (separately) a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery up to 200 amps
  • Comes with Zonex SNAP-TOP BATTERY BOX - storage solution for the battery (Sump Pump battery is purchased seperately)

Product Description


Your sump pump keeps water from coming into your basement or crawl space. When the power goes out during a terrible storm, your home may become vulnerable to water damage. However, with the SEC America Battery Backup System, you can keep your home safe even during a major storm. The 1622PS pump sentry provides the tools needed to keep your sump pump going even if the power goes out.



1622PS Pump Sentry is among the most advanced sump pump emergency battery backup systems available. It interfaces between a pump and its AC wall outlet. When AC utility power is present, the 1622PS charges a battery and monitors the wall outlet to detect a power outage. At the moment utility power fails, the 1622PS draws energy from a battery and converts it to enable pump operation. When utility power returns, the 1622PS automatically switches the pump back to AC wall outlet power. At the same time, the 1622PS resumes charging the battery to return it to full capacity in preparation for the next power failure.

At little cost to you, the SEC America Battery Backup System delivers the best protection for your home against water damage. Additionally, the 1622 PS requires little maintenance and attendance. It does everything all on its own.




The Snap-Top Battery Box is a perfect battery storage solution for the Sump Pump battery (battery will be purchased separately). Battery case tabs fastens the cover securely , reinforced plastic handles to prevent cracking during battery relocation, and allows adequate ventilation of battery acid vapors. This rugged battery box maintains its impact properties down to minus 20°F, as well as, resistant UV, oil, gas and other contaminants. Perfect installation in a car, boat, camper, motorhome, trailer, as well as, generator equipment.

Pump Sentry 1622- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps by Sec America (1622PS+27-Snap-Top-Box)