PTZOptics Live Streaming Cameras - PTZ Cameras with SDI, HDMI and IP Control + PoE (30X-SDI, Gray)

Product Code: PTZOptics-PT30X-SDI-Gen2-Gray

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  • Zoom: 30X optical zoom
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Field of View: 60.7°(Wide) 2.28°(Tele)
  • Audio Embed: Over HDMI & IP Streaming
  • Control Interfaces: VISCA in & out, & IR remote


At PTZOptics, we know how complicated it is to set up a live streaming camera that is multi-functional and fully equipped with all the tech. That’s why we offer you our special streaming and broadcasting cameras to work with your video production workflow. With different optical zoom options ranging from 12X to 30X, our SDI PTZ live streaming cameras are suitable for medium to large sized rooms. Originally developed for television studios, broadcasting cameras like PTZ Optics gray 30X zoom camera 10X are being used for shooting for webinars, online presentations, direct-to-video movies, and much more. This plug and play live streaming camera network system extremely high definition video streaming output. PTZ Optics 30X IP streaming webcam provides a sharp and distinctly higher quality picture establishing itself as one of the best streaming cameras compared to other cameras available on the market for video production.

The 30X Optical Zoom video conferencing with simultaneous 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP stream PTZ camera offers H.264, H.265, and MJPEG streaming over RJ45 LAN port. Our PTZ camera captures sharp details up to the highest resolution of 1920 x 1080pand 60 fps frame rate. This broadcast gray PTZ Optics 30X comes with HD-SDI camera model that also includes power over ethernet (PoE). The ethernet port can be used for power, control, and audio video streaming, and PTZ camera configuration also.

Every PTZOptics camera has the ability to live stream directly from the camera to your favorite CDN. All you have to do is simply plugin your CDN’s RTMP Streaming information into the IP interface of your camera and start streaming. These PTZ broadcasting cameras include h.265 “High-Efficiency Codec” IP Streaming along with h.264 and multicast streaming. Taking things a step further PTZ Optics offer a software open source so developers can customize any experience.

The PTZOptics cameras are able to capture and store still and moving image recordings (as .jpg and .mp4 files, respectively) locally to the camera’s internal memory for retrieval via the camera’s network port. Coming with many installation options, this gray video production camera which covers all manufacturer defects within the first 2 years of camera being bought. Looking to step up your video production game with a versatile live streaming and broadcasting camera? PTZ Optics online streaming cameras have you got you covered.

PTZOptics Live Streaming Cameras - PTZ Cameras with SDI, HDMI and IP Control + PoE (30X-SDI, Gray)