My Chicken Door – New for 2021 - Self-Calibrating, Automatic Coop Opener/Closer with Light Sensor and Timer, Operates to -10, Lifts up to 1kg (2.2lb)

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  • Very easy to install & setup with a timer and light sensor function. My Chicken Door (MCD) is designed to self-calibrate so there’s no need to waste time adjusting & resetting the hen house door position – It’s all done for you automatically & stress free!
  • Choose your mode of operation, set the hours to open/close or utilise the Light sensor function for dusk & dawn. A clear digital display, user friendly menus & large buttons make navigation simple in all weathers
  • Weatherproof casing - My Chicken Door can be mounted outside your coop where you can utilise either the Programmable Timer or the Light Sensor. If you wish to mount inside the coop you will need to use the timer only. Suitable for remote locations - battery powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries. If power is available MCD has an Integrated DC socket and can be run via a 6 - 12 volt, 1 amp power supply
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  • New for 2021, this self-calibrating MCD unit is an affordable & reliable coop accessory to keep your hens safe at night. What’s in the Box - My Chicken Door Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener/Closer & Instruction booklet. (Normally $169 - batteries not included)


My Chicken Door is an affordable & reliable addition for your chicken coop. There is nothing more important than protecting your precious hens from predators, My Chicken Door does just that by automatically closing your henhouse door either at a pre-set time or by using the LUX light sensor to close the door as soon as the sun goes down. You can rest easy knowing that if you are late home for any reason your hens will be automatically secured in their coop.

My Chicken Door Automatic Opener/Closer has a very easy to use digital display and menu. You can pre-programme the timer for the hours you wish to open & close the pop hole door, or easily adjust the light sensor for sunrise & sunset. The large buttons make navigating the menu easy in all weathers.

My Chicken Door runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries so there is no need to have an electrical supply near your coop. If electricity is available, you can utilise the DC power socket installed on the bottom of the unit. We recommend a DC power lead between 6-12 volt with a 1 amps capability (not included). High Quality Reliability to take the worry out of keeping your hens safe all night every night - Let My Chicken Door be Your Chicken Door.

My Chicken Door – New for 2021 - Self-Calibrating, Automatic Coop Opener/Closer with Light Sensor and Timer, Operates to -10, Lifts up to 1kg (2.2lb)