Morley Hum Exterminator Ground Loop Hum Exterminator

Product Code: Morley-MHUM-X-Hum-Exterminator-Box

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  • Ground-loop Hum Attenuat f AC Electrical Lines
  • Designed to Solve GROUND RELATED Hum and Buzz in Pro Audio and Musical Instrument Amplifiers
  • Simply Connect Hum X to Power Plug of Offending Gear
  • Suitable for use on 120V 60Hz grounded USA-style power outlets
  • Handy LED Shows Power is on and unit is Working


Ground loop hum is difficult to diagnose and solve and ground lift adapters are not safe! The Hum Exterminator gets rid of low voltage that can cause ground loop hum while providing a path for higher voltages to ground. Simply place the Hum Exterminator onto the power plug of the offending gear. Never lift an AC Ground again! Easy to use, easy to install and completely effective. A great accessory to have on hand for every gig.

Morley Hum Exterminator Ground Loop Hum Exterminator