Morley 20/20 Power Wah Volume Pedal

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  • Wah/Volume Guitar Effect Pedal with Electro-optical Design
  • Buffer Circuit
  • +20dB Boost


When pedalboard real estate is scarce the Morley 2020 Power Wah Volume packs Wah, Volume and a Buffer into a safe-saving convenient package. The Power Wah Circuit is one of Morley's classic Wah designs dating back to the 1970's and gives you traditional Wah tone with a wide sweep. The Wah mode also comes equipped with a Wah Boost to help you level out in the mix or boost your volume for solos. All Morley 2020 pedals also come with a Buffer Circuit that protects your Guitar's natural tone.

Switch Between Volume & Wah with LED Indication: Engage the switch to go from Volume to Wah. The Volume circuit uses an Audio Taper, which is ideal for Lap Steel Guitar and Violin type swells. When fully depressed Volume is at 100% and when pulled completely back Volume is off. The LED indication above the switch lets you know when your Wah mode is on or off.

Wah Boost Control: In Wah mode the Wah Boost control allows up to 20 db of clean boost to help you level out in the mix or to boost your signal for solos.

Glow-in-the-Dark Details: Never lose your pedal on a dark stage. Morley's Pedal-Glow treadle rubber makes sure you know where your pedal is located. The Morley toe-end sticker also glows in the dark.

Morley 20/20 Power Wah Volume Pedal