Invidyo - WiFi Baby Monitor with Live Video and Audio Remote Pan & Tilt with Smart Phone App

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  • UNLIKE OTHER SMART BABY MONITORS THAT only monitor your crib, invidyo MONITORS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR BABY. You can REMOTELY PAN & TILT your invidyo camera from your app to follow your child’s every move. With its RELIABLE CONNECTION and ALWAYS-ON BACKGROUND AUDIO you can be sure that your baby is always safe
  • You are immediately notified WHEN YOUR BABY CRIES, a sound or motion is detected or ROOM TEMPERATURE goes beyond your preferred threshold. Nevertheless, you WON'T BE BOTHERED with every small sound or motion since you can CHOOSE THE TYPE AND SENSITIVITY OF NOTIFICATIONS to receive
  • Invidyo’s SMILE DETECTION algorithm captures LOVELY MOMENTS each time your baby smiles. Invidyo also creates DAILY HIGHLIGHTS VIDEOS everyday so that you can quickly understand whether anything important happened. You will NEVER MISS AN IMPORTANT MOMENT again
  • Invidyo has 1080P video with advanced night vision, Alexa compatibility, 2-way talk, white noise and lullabies. All these MAKE INVIDYO A GREAT REPLACEMENT FOR an audio baby monitor, a security camera, a sound machine and a video baby monitor. When you get an invidyo you get all of those in addition to ONE OF THE SMARTEST BABY MONITORS out there
  • At Invidyo, our mission is to help you make sure everything is OK with your children even when you can’t be with them. When you have an invidyo camera, you DON’T HAVE TO CHECK IN ON YOUR CHILD ALL THE TIME, but you will still have PEACE OF MIND knowing that invidyo will alert you if anything important is happening. LOVE or return invidyo within 30 days for a full refund


INV300 As parents we always want the best for our kids. Today most parents are working from home and trying to take care of their kids at the same time. Our responsibilities are as big as ever and we sure could use some help. We designed invidyo with this in mind. Good habits, eating well, sleeping well, and enough playtime are all very important for a happy childhood and also for a healthy life. Invidyo allows parents to track the well-being of their kids and helps them make sure that their kids are getting enough sleep and are healthy and happy.

Invidyo - WiFi Baby Monitor with Live Video and Audio Remote Pan & Tilt with Smart Phone App