iFi - Zen Signature MZ99 [Compatible with MEZE Headphones] (Zen CAN Signature MZ99)

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  • Desktop high-performance headphone amp with balanced and unbalanced connections
  • Better headphone sound from your PC, DAC, digital music player, iPhone, and/or Android phone
  • Features customized tuning for the Meze 99 Classics headphones
  • Glow-in-the-Dark treadle rubber to help you find your pedal on any stage
  • Silent Switching to prevent pops and noise


Complements the iFi ZEN DAC Signature and tuned to optimize the performance of the Meze 99 Classics headphones (both sold separately). Even better sound from our most comfortable headphones Here's a collaboration that's designed to enhance two of our favorite products. iFi Audio's ZEN CAN Signature MZ99 is an upgrade to their standard-edition ZEN CAN , which I named our " best desktop headphone amp for a small workspace ." The design framework, functions, and connections are similar, but this special version is made of higher-grade parts for better resolution and overall performance. It also offers customized tuning for the Meze Audio 99 Classics - voted Crutchfield's most comfortable over-ear headphones . Of course, this compact yet heavy-duty amp can drive headphones of all shapes and sizes, with impedance from 16 ohms up to 600 ohms. In unbalanced mode, it can deliver up to 1,600mW of power - enough for the most power-hungry headphones. But there's an "ActiveEQ" setting that plays directly to the 99 Classics' sonic strengths. About the Meze 99 Classics Before the pandemic, our staff tested over 50 headphones for comfort, and the Meze 99 Classics headphones ranked #1 by a long shot. They scored big for their lightweight build, relaxed fit, and butter-soft leather earpads. And when you sink into these headphones, you'll enjoy a lively, musical sound with quick, muscular bass. I've seen countless headphone models come and go since company founder/lead designer Antonio Meze and crew introduced the 99 Classics in 2015. That staying power is a testament to their build quality and crowd-pleasing sound. The word of mouth is so strong among high-end headphone enthusiasts, that iFi took up the challenge of maximizing their performance. The "ActiveEQ" uses the ZEN CAN Signature's power and damping ability to accentuate certain frequencies and harness others.

iFi - Zen Signature MZ99 [Compatible with MEZE Headphones] (Zen CAN Signature MZ99)