IFi ZEN CAN Balanced Desktop Headphone Amp and Preamp with 4.4mm Outputs [UK Pin]

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  • SUPERIOR ENGINEERING: Extremely low distortion and noise from a circuit design inspired by our flagship headphone amp which uses a dedicated input stage that level matches to your source, allowing the signal to flow freely through the Class A output stage, literally music to your ears
  • POWER REALIZED: Maximize the performance of your headphones, more than just getting loud, but realizing the full dynamic range of the drivers and experiencing soft vocals as well as heart pounding drums, never missing a beat. Delivers up to 1600mW of power at 16 ohms
  • IMMERSIVE SOUND: Enhanced with our signature analog signal processing to deliver accurate and more natural bass frequencies through XBass, and to present a wider soundstage that brings the music out in front of you through our 3D matrix which replicates speaker listening without the cumbersome setup
  • THE INS AND OUTS: Features both a balanced 4.4mm pentacon and a single ended 6.3mm (1/4”) headphone output on the front as well as three inputs on the back, including a 3.5mm line out, RCA left and right sockets, and a 4.4mm balanced pentacon connector. Additionally there is a 4.4 balanced output to connect to a power amplifier or active speakers for use as a preamplifier
  • INCLUDED: RCA Cables, Standard 5v Power Supply and 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor


Get performance out of your audio setup with the ZEN CAN. High-fidelity or high quality headphones, most audio sources, like your smartphone, computer, tablet or digital audio player, don’t provide enough power to move the drivers of your headphones to produce the sounds they’re capable of making. The Zen CAN delivers up to 1600mW of power with four adjustable gain settings to perfectly match gear. It has a Class A discrete circuit, a fully symmetric dual-mono amplifier design and boasts a astoundingly low noise floor of 122dB Its internal components, from the Panasonic ECPU and TDK C0G capacitors to the OV2637A J-FET op amp, are carefully selected and engineered for the highest quality possible and low distortion.

Use the standard 6.3mm output for single ended TRS connections or take full advantage of our balanced topology with the 4.4mm pentaconn TRRS output. Connect up to three different analog sources with a 3.5mm single ended line input, a RCA left and right channel, and a balanced 4.4 input. You can also use it as a preamp with precision analog volume control by connecting a power amplifier or active studio monitors to the 4.4mm balanced line out. Customize your experience even further with these selectable analog features: xBASS - corrects bass frequencies for a more natural sound, and 3D Matrix - widens the soundstage to bring the sound in front of you like you were center stage.

The Precision analog sound control allows for a more precise volume selection than digital volume controls. Military Grade Aluminum makes up a sturdy and sleek exterior, while the smooth curves and edges will bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your home or office. Included while supplies last is the iFi iPower 5V adaptor, which provides clean, low noise power to your amplifier. We are confident that you will find the hard work we put into this amplifier a truly amazing audio experience. Take your headphones to the next level and bring the Zen back into your music.

IFi ZEN CAN Balanced Desktop Headphone Amp and Preamp with 4.4mm Outputs [UK Pin]