IFi NEO iDSD Desktop DAC, HiRes Bluetooth Receiver, and Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Product Code: IFI-NEO-iDSD-Headphone-Amplifier

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  • Burr Brown DAC chip supports PCM 768kHz, DSD512 and full MQA decoding
  • Bluetooth 5.0 receiver compatible with all codecs, up to 24 bit / 96Hz streaming
  • USB, S/PDIF optical, and digital coax wired inputs
  • Fully balanced headphone amp with 4.4mm and 6.3mm connections, and XLR and RCA speaker outputs
  • OLED display with remote control; horizontal or vertical orientation


The NEO iDSD is a three-in-one desktop audio solution. It combines an audiophile USB DAC, a high-resolution Bluetooth receiver, and a powerful headphone amplifier into a sleek box you can sit on your desk next to your laptop or on a bookshelf in your listening room. iFi audio uses its signature Burr Brown chip for its True Native architecture to process each audio format without unnecessary signal conversion, from PCM 768kHz to quad DSD512 and even full MQA unfolding.

The USB3.0 input provides an ideal connection for high speed, full bandwidth audio from your laptop or PC, while the SPDIF port allows you to upgrade your CD player, transport, or even television. When you want the convenience of wireless streaming, use the hi-res Bluetooth input to stream CD quality sound from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We’ve packed in all the latest codecs, including aptX, aptXHD, aptX LL, and HWA, and then unpack the digital signal from the Qualcomm chip.

so we can reclock it, remove unwanted jitter, and deliver up to 24/96 audio quality wirelessly. To top it off, the NEO also includes a balanced analog circuit with a 4.4mm Pentacon headphone output for personal listening and two 3-pin XLR line outputs to connect to a balanced speaker amplifier or active speakers. You can choose between a fixed output or use the NEO iDSD as your preamplifier with full volume control and remote control of your home audio system.

IFi NEO iDSD Desktop DAC, HiRes Bluetooth Receiver, and Balanced Headphone Amplifier