HP Tuners MPVI2+ Tuner with Pro Feature Set (Used Acceptable )

Product Code: HP-Tuners-MPVI2+PRO-0-Credits

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  • Stand Alone Logging | Built in Accelerometer Logging.
  • MPVI2+ HP Tuners Tuning Module with Zero credits
  • BlueTooth Flashing | HPTnet Activation (MPVI2 display port).
  • Data Broadcasting | Wireless Sensors.
  • This Device allowing 2x analog input signals and 1x CAN bus input signal simultaneously.
  • Pro Link Support | Expander Hub Support.
  • Specifications: 2x dedicated 0-5V analog inputs | 1x CAN bus input (500kbps) | 100Hz sampling rate | HPTnet cable (male) to 5 wire harness.
  • Package Include : 1x MPVI2 plus With Included Zero Credits , 1 x Pro Features Set.
  • serial number: 2140349797


MPVI2+ with zero Credits & Pro Features Set Newest MPVI2 HP Tuners Tuning Module without universal credits and Pro Features Set Notes: Includes 0 credits. For some models, additional credits may be required for TCM, FICM, FSCM, and CCM tuning (sold separately).

HP Tuners MPVI2+ Tuner with Pro Feature Set (Used Acceptable )