Hotone Ampero MP-100 Guitar Bass Amp Modeling IR Cabinets Simulation Multi Language Multi-Effects with Expression Pedal Stereo OTG USB Audio Interface

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  • 240+ Built-in Guitar/Bass/Acoustic Effects with 64 Legendary Amp Models and 60 carefully selected IR Cabinet Simulations, 24-bit signal processing, up to 120dB S/N ratio, Driven by 18V DC for stunning Dynamic Response
  • 100 Built-in Drum Rhythms and 100 Seconds Looper, 198 Presets, Adjustable Signal Chain with Maximum 9 Simultaneous Effect Blocks
  • 4-inch 800 x 480 sharp color Touch Screen with instant control, 4 Assignable Footswitches with Halo LEDs, Line, XLR and Headphone I/O for various connection needs, MIDI IN and EXP2 jack for connecting external controllers
  • USB Audio Interface with Stereo Audio Streaming, Support OTG function for directly Connecting to iOS/Android Mobile Devices
  • Multi Language User Interface (Hardware) with Free Mac/Windows Software for Sound Editing and Presets Managing


Ampero amp modeler & multi effects processor/pedal is a game changer. It’s heart pounding amp modeling and uber quality effects are powered by the updated CDCM HD and F.I.R.E. system, bringing you the absolute best the world has to offer. Packaged in a cool, thin case with a 4-inch hi-def color touch screen, Ampero delivers allthe real sounds of rock past and present.

Armory: Ampero can handle up to 9 effect modules simultaneously with its flexible FX1, FX2, FX3 effect modules and editable effect chain for the best effect combination possibilities. More than 240 effects including: 64 amp models/60 cab models/100+ legendary pedal models. Includes user custom IR loader with 3rd party IR support.

CDCM HD + F.I.R.E.: Hotone’s innovative CDCM HD (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling High Definition) and F.I.R.E. (Field Impulse Response Enhancement) system, employs a complex system based on dynamic feature modeling. In this matrix, the technology “rebuilds” the entire circuitry using modeled electronic components, resulting in a tone that is vivid, accurate and expressive, delivering a realistic feel and response you’ve never before experienced on digital gear.

Touch Screen: Ampero employs the same straight-forward user interface with one more step forward. Featuring a 4-inch 800 x 480 touch screen with dynamic color display and optimized UI activity, Ampero is incredibly easy to set up and program within a few tapping and sliding.

Drum & Tuner: Built-in drum machine with 100 patterns, including various music styles. Of course, it also includes a metronome with various beats. Built-in sensitive and practical tuner. Adjustable pitch, ranging from 432Hz to 447Hz. The tuner mode can be selected as Bypass, Mute, Through.

USB Audio: You also can turn your Ampero into an USB audio interface by simply connect your unit to a computer/mobile phone (for mobile devices, a USB OTG cable is needed). We also offer you a free ASIO driver for Windows users.

Hotone Ampero MP-100 Guitar Bass Amp Modeling IR Cabinets Simulation Multi Language Multi-Effects with Expression Pedal Stereo OTG USB Audio Interface