Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance Hot Tub Conditioner and Clarifier– 24 Weekly Doses

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Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance

Key Features

  • POWERFUL CLEAN: One weekly dose with your existing sanitizer keeps your water system clean and clear
  • LAST 4-6 MONTHS: Concentrated formula helps you keep your plumbing clean up to six months
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER: Water will look, smell and feel soft and silky.
  • MULTI USE: Specially formulated to keep your hot tub, spa, jetted tub or whirlpool fresh
  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Cut down on costly repairs and replacements with properly cleansed pipes jets and heater

Product Description

Serum Total Maintenance is a viable biocide that guides in the expulsion of non-general wellbeing biofilms and non-general wellbeing sludge framing microorganisms in recreational water vessels, particularly hot tubs, streamed showers and stroll in tubs.

It additionally cleans, clarifiers and mollifies water for a progressively loosened up drenching experience. This one of a kind detailing has been experimentally mixed with an end goal to help recreational water clearness and to lessen any bacteriological action that can cause fouling in the pipes and flies, surface recoloring, freshening up and a general capacity to diminish the measure of sanitizer expected to advance solid hot tub water quality.

The PHILOSOPHY behind Serum Watercare

Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance was explicitly planned to cure the normal reasons for helpless water care, the uncommon exertion it takes to keep up water quality, and the requirement for different synthetic substances. The "different folks" rake in tons of cash selling you modest synthetic substances that are unforgiving and destructive also hard to utilize. They feel bringing in cash is a higher priority than giving successful arrangements or putting resources into new innovative work. They don't care for change. For them progress or putting resources into increasingly sound safe innovation isn't the appropriate response in an items driven plan of action. That is the reason water care the executives programs for hot tubs haven't changed for such a long time.

SERUM's way of thinking is basic, you went through a ton of cash to possess a hot tub so as to have the option to unwind and re-invigorate your body and brain. You didn't sign on for low maintenance work utilizing modest and sub-par items that don't function admirably.

Hot Tub Serum Total Maintenance Hot Tub Conditioner and Clarifier– 24 Weekly Doses