Grit Flex Hockey Tower Equipment Bag (BLACK)

Product Code: Grit-FLEX-Hockey-36-Bag-1

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Key Features

  • Composite frame which folds flat for storage
  • Padded shoulder strap for carrying or haul handle for wheeling
  • Ventilated equipment shelves
  • Removable mesh bag and carpet plus cooler pocket
  • Dimensions: 36"H x 23"W x 18"D; Weight: 12 lbs

Product Description

Developed over a period of almost 10 years the FLEX is our sixth generation of Hockey Tower bags. Improvements made to this bag include: a padded shoulder strap which allows the bag to be comfortable carried, a composite frame which reduces the bag weight by almost four pounds and allows flexibility, better ventilation, improved shelving system for quicker air drying and high-vis lining. The bag also folds up instantly for storing beneath the bench during games

Grit Flex Hockey Tower Equipment Bag (BLACK)