Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70N Marine Entertainment System with Bluetooth with NMEA 2000 compatibility

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  • 4x50w class a amplifier, 2-zone with 1 discrete pre-out and sub-out, 1 aux-in, with fusion-link and NMEA network
  • Am/FM/iPhone/iPod/Android interface, built-in high level Bluetooth, rear USB connection, works with fusion-link Bluetooth remote Control app
  • Full Apple or Android interface via unidock or panel mount USB cable
  • Single din rear and face will fit into a traditional car stereo hole cut-out great for new and Retrofit installations in traditional single din face and rear cut-out
  • Optically bonded Glass display, front Ipx6 when mounted


MS-RA70N, fusions sleekest value-packed marine stereo, delivers a quality on-water Entertainment experience by incorporating some of the latest marine technologies. Seamlessly replaces any standard DIN sized non-marinised stereo without the need to reconfigure dash space. Styling allows an installer the option of either mounting the stereo with a conventional dash finish or an option to integrate into a glass helm with a flush surface mount, ensuring a high-end installation. Stream soundtracks from any compatible device with control available from the stereo or your connected Smart phone via the fusion-link Bluetooth app. Simply download the free Apple or Android fusion-link remote control app for Bluetooth from iTunes or Google play and enjoy localized zone control, source navigation, track selection and the freedom of wireless control.

Two independent audio zones available, each with advanced localized menu controls, including zone naming, you can easily customize and control your listening experience in each zone. Fusion-link wired NMEA 2000 certified product is compatible with a range of the world's leading multi-function displays for onscreen audio control. Pair the MS-RA70N with a supported char plotter or fish finder to bring music to the screen, to keep an eye on the charts or the fish while skipping tracks or adjusting the volume. Connect to any Fusion ms-nrx200i remote control attached to the same powered NMEA 2000 network for localized control of the audio zones. The MS-RA70N designed and engineered specifically for the marine environment, with an IPX7 front panel to withstand the environment like none other, perfectly paired with an optically bonded LCD for crystal clear display. Listen to USB MP3 audio, connect your supported Smartphone or to your local Am/FM station.

Fusion Entertainment MS-RA70N Marine Entertainment System with Bluetooth with NMEA 2000 compatibility