FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (Silver)

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FOBO Bike 2 TPMS offers the latest in tire monitoring technology, providing reliable data and enhanced safety for riders. Featuring a wireless-enabled battery and two tire pressure monitoring systems, you can rest assured that your tires are always optimized for safety and performance. With the provided motorcycle tire pressure monitor, you can keep track of important data including tire pressure and temperature in real-time.

FOBO Bike 2 is a SMART tire pressure monitoring system for every biker. * View on demand tire pressure & temperature * Monitors tire pressure in real time while riding or when in Bluetooth range * Detects slow or fast leak and alerts users to anomalies * Sends instant audio, haptic and text alerts on a smartphone/smartwatch/Bluetooth headset * Easy install on any motorcycle without running wires, drilling holes, and tedious programming

FOBO Bike 2 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (Silver)