Excel Dryer XL-GR-ECO XLERATOR Hand Dryer Textured Graphite Cover 110-120V

Product Code: Excel-Dryer-XL-GR-ECO-110-120V

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Key Features

  • High-speed, ULTRA ENERGY EFFICIENT hand dryer. 8-10 Second Dry Time!
  • 80% Less Energy than Conventional Dryers. 95% Cost Savings vs Paper Towels
  • Made in USA Certified
  • Adjustable Speed and Sound Control. *New No Heat Technology
  • 7 Year Leading Warranty and Helps Qualify for LEED Credits

Product Description

The extremely popular XLERATOR series was the first high-speed hand dryer on the market and continues it's leadership position with high-quality, American made products backed by a 5 year warranty. If you've used one, you know: there's nothing else like it. The ECO is the second generation of this dryer and removes the heating element which saves about 60% of the energy over the previous version. The thermally protected, through-flow discharge, 5/8 HP, 20,000 RPM brush motor puts out an amazing 19,000 LFM (linear feet per minute) air flow which makes extremely short work of drying hands. Gentle heat is provided by a long-life NiChrome heating element. Automatic, hands free operation with a 35 second safety shut off (in case of sensor tampering or malfunction). Textured Graphite Cover. Additional Information: 110-120V, 50/60Hz, 4.5A, 500 Watts. Cover secured with two chrome plated tamper-proof bolts. Security wrench is included. Optional HEPA filter kit add-on available (not included).

The newly improved XleratorEco XL-GR-ECO hand dryer in graphite finish is stylish and highly effective that dries hands in only 10 seconds - a sound choice for your pocket and for the environment! With adjustable speed and sound to easily suit the needs of a multitude of washrooms, the XleratorEco efficient hand dryer also comes with a washable metal mesh filter to guarantee consistent performance. Designed to perform without a heating element, this product operates on only 500 watts of power, making it an environmentally-conscious choice when compared to its competition. A clearly visible external LED light notifies users of maintenance requirements and flashes codes to easily help with troubleshooting. 

Excel Dryer XL-GR-ECO XLERATOR Hand Dryer Textured Graphite Cover 110-120V