Saniflo 010 SANISHOWER Light Duty Gray Water Pump Residential, White

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Key Features

  • Perfect For Basement Bathroom Remodels/New Builds: The Sanishower drain pump is used to pump gray water away from a variety of fixtures. The system is able to discharge the waste up to 12 feet vertical and/or 100 feet horizontal.
  • Dual Purpose: The Sanishower discharges gray water from a shower or sink. The gray water will drain into the system on either side of the housing.
  • Easily Concealed: Easy to install and small enough to fit underneath a shower base. Ideal for medium duty applications.
  • Technical Specifications Motor: 0.2 HP oil-filled thermally protected; Noise level: ≤ 44 dBA (Lp) (measured at 3 ft.); Discharge rate at 12 ft: 14 GPM; Shut-off head: 26 ft.; Certification code: CSA (IPC, NSPC); Connections: Sink, shower
  • 3 Year Warranty: All of Saniflo's products have a 2 year warranty with purchase, and an extended year with registration. Our warranty program can offer peace of mind, should a problem arise.

Product Description

The SANISHOWER allows you to install a shower where you never thought possible. It gives you a fast and easy way to add an additional sink or shower to your home. It is a small gray water pump that may be used to pump waste away from a shower or sink. The SANISHOWER is small enough to fit inside a wet bar cabinet, or even beside or underneath a raised shower base. It has two inlets for installing a shower or sink and it will pump up to 12-Feet high and/or 100-Feet away from a soil stack. This pump can be installed in many locations such as a loft/attic, upper floor, ground floor, basement and even a converted garage. This product is ideal for installing a shower and/or sink in a bedroom or basement. As a point of interest, quite a few pedicure manufacturers are putting the SANISHOWER inside pedicure chairs. Due to its quiet operation and ease of installation, they have become the choice of OEM's. The inside of the SANISHOWER is comprised of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the pump. When water enters the unit, it activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure. A spindle/shaft drives the impeller and therefore the moving parts are kept to an absolute minimum. Water enters the chamber and is pumped away into the sanitary sewer. The discharge elbow on the side of the SANISHOWER can be rotated 360 Degree to fit any type of installation required. A non-return valve, which comes already assembled on the discharge elbow, prevents back flow into the unit. This unit has been designed with a vent output on the side of the unit. All plumbing codes require connection to a vent system. Please note that the vent system should be a two-way air vent. It is also highly recommended for the gray water pump to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter circuit.

Saniflo 010 SANISHOWER Light Duty Gray Water Pump Residential, White