Engage Encore XL - Pickleball Shovel

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Product Description

Engage's new Pickleball Encore XL shovel has one of the longest grips on the market today, making it a great choice for players who need that extra reach in their shots. The new design is based on the popular Encore pickle palette and provides all the same features as its popular Encore series palettes but with a longer handle. What makes the Engage Encore XL shovel unique is that you can use two hands on your rear hand shots if you want. This allows for more potential ball turns and, ultimately, incredible extra length on the blade. The overall length of the blades is approximately 16 1/4 inches long, which is a length similar to the popular blade shovel. The Encore XL pickled scoop has a huge sweet spot due to the large scoop surface and patented technology. This shovel is extremely playable on the net for dining and blocking those impossible shots. You'll also notice a lot of flex on the blade that creates even more power and spin. Engage Pickleball is all about power and control paddles and they've proven their paddles on the court. The Engage Pickleball Encore XL Racket is a pickleball fan favorite. Technical Specifications: Model: Encore XLCore - Advanced Polymer Honeycomb Core (with Vibration Control Technology). ControlPro TechnologySkin: high-tech fiberglass skin with maximum surface hardness. Optimized to pass noise requirements in communities. Weight: 7.2 oz - 7.6 oz. Grip: 4 USAPA approved for tournament play. Made in the USA.

Engage Encore XL - Pickleball Shovel