Dylos DC1100 Pro air Quality Monitor by Dylos

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Pro air Quality Monitor by Dylos


A genuine Laser Particle Counter with 2 size extents - little (microscopic organisms, shape, and so on) enormous (dust, and so forth.)

DC1100 highlights innovation and building that permits checking of indoor air quality with a LCD screen that furnishes little and enormous molecule tallies with a unique reference chart indicating real tally perusing. Various modes including minute, hour, day and screen to assess your air quality and store as long as 30 days of air quality history for audit.

DC1100 Pro has all the highlights of the standard DC1100 however with expanded lower affectability - recognizing particles down to 0.5 micron. The enormous molecule size range is aligned to 2.5 microns or more.

Dylos DC1100 Pro air Quality Monitor by Dylos