DVI2USB 3.0 – Portable DVI to USB Video Grabber for capturing Video from Any Device with a DVI, VGA or HDMI Signal up to 60 fps

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  • Capture from video display or camera sources for streaming or recording the video
  • Compatible with resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60 fps, including custom VGA resolutions and true 24-bit color
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed for uncompressed and lossless capture with optional up or down scaling
  • Comes with Epiphan’s video capture tool and drivers, which provides a seamless interface to encoding and streaming software, with free upgrades as necessary
  • Pocket-size with easy to setup tools, making it a perfect portable solution for any streaming needs


DVI2USB 3.0 is an external capture card that presents a simple, affordable, and pocket-size solution for capturing video and audio for streaming and recording. It is a versatile, high performance device for lossless capture of video up to and including HD (1920x1080) resolutions from HDMI, DVI or VGA sources at 60 fps over USB 3.0.

To use DVI2USB 3.0, connect it to your capture computer by USB, and then connect your video source to the video input. Install the included Epiphan drivers on your computer. From there, you can use a few different options to start your capture. Choose to use a third-party application that accept an external video source such as Windows Media Encoder, VLC, Podcast Producer, OBS, etc. Alternatively, you can use the included Epiphan Capture Tool software to capturing your source right away on Windows or Mac. Finally, you are also able to use our free API and SDK to integrate into custom applications, so that you can capture in any way you want. The software automatically optimizes settings at resolutions up to 1920x1200.

DVI2USB 3.0 offers extensive resolution support capturing common and custom resolutions up to 1920×1200 at 60 fps. DVI2USB 3.0 is the perfect capture solution for those who require the utmost control over captured image integrity. The included driver allows extensive configuration of capture resolution, color space conversion, image scaling and audio resampling for maximum flexibility in professional video capture settings.

  • Supports RGB 24-bit color and gives you full control over the output color space
  • Get lossless uncompressed audio over HDMI
  • Supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 data uplink
  • With no fans or moving parts, DVI2USB 3.0 is completely silent and does not add any audio interference to your recordings
DVI2USB 3.0 – Portable DVI to USB Video Grabber for capturing Video from Any Device with a DVI, VGA or HDMI Signal up to 60 fps