BoardUp: The Portable Mini Skateboard Longboard for Commute and Travel

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Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy kickpad triggers the middle hinge to fold in half ( Folded Dimention 16.5" X 8.5"X 4")
  • No finger pinch. It is safe. rubber bands and other design considerations.
  • 33" Canadian maple wood deck + glass fiber built for control but retains flex. Supports 220lbs load
  • Deck WON'T fold in riding. Locking mechanism in hinge will release only when the front kickpad is pushed down
  • How to use BoardUp video:

Product Description

The world first 33" foldable short longboard for commute and travel

BoardUp offers the longboarding experience at half the size. Its patented self-locking hinge enables the board to stay locked while riding to keep from buckling. BoardUp only folds when the kick release pad on the nose of the board is engaged. Once folded, the logo-engraved handle stands up ready for carrying.


Dimensions: 33″ X 8.5″ || Weight: 8.7lbs || Truck Length: 6″ Kingpin( low clearance) || Deck Material: Canadian Maple/Glass fiber

Hinge/Kickpad Material: Aluminum alloy || Wheel Size: 75mm X 52mm (High 80% re-bounce PU material) || Bearings: ABEC 9

Folded dimensions: 17″ X 8.5″ X ( 3″ on top, 5″ on bottom) well fit all normal size backpack.

Trucks and wheels can be replaced by any standard ones. Need to re-position truck on deck(extra 4 holes pre-drilled) if your wheel size is > 83mm.

It is safe, deck is locked by a latch during riding. It can only be folded when the front kickpad is pressed. Rubber bands at hinge provents possible finger pinch.

It is sturdy. 7 layers Canadian maple and one layer of glass fiber. It uses Aluminum alloy hinge.

ABEC-9 bearings, High rebounce wheels and low clearance hinge assures a great riding experience. A good balance between stability and easy maneuverability.

Perfect for travel and commuting.

Loved by thousands of customers.

It is conversation starter in a busy street. Make your life more social and fun

BoardUp: The Portable Mini Skateboard Longboard for Commute and Travel