BeadBuster XB-550 HD Tractor Tire, OTR, Heavy Duty Bead Breaker Tool

Product Code: BeadBuster-XB-550-HD-Bead-Breaker-Tool

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  • Manually operated, use with a impact wrench or ratchet
  • Heavy Duty, works on LARGE tires (Farm Tractors, OTR, etc)
  • Patented design quickly and easily breaks stubborn beads
  • Rugged all-Steel construction, Grade-5 Zinc coated hardware. Made in USA
  • Padded clamp will not dent or scratch rims


The BeadBuster XB-550 HEAVY DUTY is the big brother of the original XB-450. All of the 45X series tools have the same design geometry, the 550 is larger in every way. Heavier steel, thicker walls, more extension; the 550 was designed to handle the BIG tires that you’ll find on farm tractors, agricultural and industrial OTR wheels, large trucks, military vehicles, etc. However, we created a patented configurable ram foot that can accommodate a large range of rim lip sizes, and it will still work on ATV/UTV. There are 4 different foot length configurations, so that you can get the feet as close to the Bead Seat as possible without touching the Bead Retainer, but still get good purchase on top of the Bead Bundle. Its still far more portable than any other large tire bead breaker, and much less expensive. Small enough to break the back-side bead of a tractor tire without removing the wheel! If you are a farmer, business owner, or a large vehicle enthusiasts; you can now can easily change your own tires whenever, and wherever you want.

BeadBuster XB-550 HD Tractor Tire, OTR, Heavy Duty Bead Breaker Tool