Autowit-Jump-Starter-350F SuperCap 2 12-Volt Battery-Less

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  • Equipped with Supercapacitors: Unlike traditional products, Autowit Super Cap 2 is a jump starter for battery-free super capacitors. Supercapacitors have extremely larger capacitances raging from tens of millifarads to these of farads or even larger. And it is a power storage device with excellent charge/discharger cycle characteristics (life) and fast charge/discharger, and can be charged and discharged in a shorty time
  • Never Requires Regular Charging: The supercapacitor absorbs a small amount of power remaining in the car battery and quickly amplifies it, thereby generating the power needed to start the engine within a few minutes. You can release all the accumulated electricity at once to start the car quickly. Since it is not a lithium-ion battery, it does not require pre-charging as regular and can be easily used
  • Supersafety: Autowit SuperCap 2 does not have a lithium battery or lead battery, so it does not require pre-charging, is lightweight and requires no maintenance. Since the main body does not use lithium ion batteries, there is no danger of heat generation, swelling, cracking, explosion, or fire, so you can use it with confidence
  • Excellent Performer in Extreme Weather Conditions: The battery-based jump starters always fail to work in cold weather. SuperCap 2 can work in extremely cold weather (-40°C/40°F) during snowstorms or blizzards and resist high temperature (70°C/158°F), e.g. desert dry-heat environment. It’s ideal for road warriors who seek adventure in extreme weather conditions
  • Long Life and Economical: The battery-free Autowit Super Cap 2 does not undergo a chemical reaction like a battery, so deterioration does not occur. Since it has a super capacitor, it has a life of over 10 years. In addition, it is a very economical product that can be used more than 1 million times even if the engine is frequently started
  • For Motorcycles and Tractors: In addition to the cars, SuperCap 2 can be widely used for motorcycles, tractors, and motorboats equipped with a 12V battery. And it can handle up to 7.0 liters for gasoline cars and 4.0 liters for diesel cars


Safe in Case of Emergency! No Need to Pre-charge, Next-generation Jump Starter-Autowit Super Cap 2. If the vehicle has not been used for a long time, battery deterioration, long-distance drive, extremely cold environment or electric equipment such as headlights for a long time, the voltage will become unstable even if you try to start the car, and the battery Have you ever experienced that the engine has stopped working due to weakening?

  • This kind of trouble can happen to you anytime. What do you do at that time?
  • Seeking help from others? Do you call a road service? Call a family member or acquaintance for help?
  • Both require time, effort, and money. (≧□≦) Especially when there is no one who can rely on land that I do not know at all.
  • The Autowit Jump Starter helps you with a "what..." headache! With this one, you no longer have to worry about running out of battery!
  • Autowit Super Cap 2 is the latest jump starter, does not need to be charged in advance, and has a supercapacitor.
Autowit-Jump-Starter-350F SuperCap 2 12-Volt Battery-Less