Amptweaker Fat Metal Pro II Distortion Pedal

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  • All analog circuitry
  • Designed for low end distortion used in Black Metal, Doom Metal, etc
  • Ultimate tool for recording
  • Can be used as a preamp or effect pedal
  • Made in the USA


Designed by iconic high-gain amp guru James Brown, the Fat Metal Pro II redefines rock/metal tone and the emergence of 7 and 8 string players that need more pronounced and controlled low end. More “chunk” and more “chug”-in a word, MORE!!! James recognized this trend years back and decided it was necessary to create a box specifically designed for these players. Understanding what players need is a hallmark of the Amptweaker philosophy and one that continues to this day. In addition to a full assortment of high-gain tones and switching capabilities, the Fat Metal Pro II now includes Depth Finder and DeFizzerator processing built in for even more tone sculpting abilities. Perfect for live and studio, the Fat Metal Pro II has included a balanced DI, cab sim and headphone output in addition to three separate loops for multiple processing and switching combinations.

Amptweaker Fat Metal Pro II Distortion Pedal