Yard Glider HD8 Plus with Pull Cables

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Moving Playground with Yard Glider: Yard Gliders load at ground level. Load without lifting. Great for heavy, bulky and awkward shape loads.

Moving 2 Hay Bales with Yard Glider: Yard Gliders can extend hauling capacity, reduce trips, and help you do more with less.

Moving Boulder with Yard Glider: Yard Gliders can be pulled with nearly anything, including riding lawn mowes, 4-wheelers, tractors, off road vehicles, golf carts, pack animals and more

Brighten any outdoor space with this stylish metal lawn glider, perfect for any patio or yard. With its ethereal swinging motion, this glider will bring a sense of serenity and luxury to your garden. Crafted from highly durable metal, this classic piece of outdoor furniture is certain to enchant your guests

it is easy to use and easy to store. Includes: Yard Glider HD8 PLUS 1 Set of 48" Galvanized Pull Cables with Quick Attach Clips Availability: This item is in stock and orders are filled in 1-3 business days. Shipping: Yard Gliders ship via UPS ground. Width - 48" (approx.) Length - 90" (approx.) Thickness - 1/8" Material - Formulation of HDPE Set of Galvanized Pull Straps Includes: Two, 1/4" Galvanized Steel Cables, single leg eye & thimble cables Four 3/8" Zinc Plated Quick Links Suggested Uses: Loop around a trailer hitch Pull by hand (for lighter loads) Use 1 quick link to attach to a strong pull point on your equipment Use 2 quick links to attach to 2 strong pull points on each side of your equipment Yard Glider is Patent Pending


  • Category: Strong. Strong because it is made from 1/8" HDPE. This is STRONG enough to handle most homeowner hauling, but not as strong as our STRONGER 1/8 UHMW or our STRONGEST 3/16" UHMW models
  • Terrain: Built for hauling over grass, roots, sand, dirt, mud, snow and ice.
  • Load Weight: Up to 1,500 lbs
  • Load Area: 30 sq. ft.
  • Load Volume: 60.5 cu. ft.
Yard Glider HD8 Plus with Pull Cables