Valeton Dapper Mini Stage Session Gigging Gear Overdrive Distortion Chorus Delay Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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  • Analog Tube Screamer Style Overdrive and Plexi-Crunch Distortion achieve most Dirty Tone Requirements of every Musical Genre
  • BBD-Style Analog-Voicing Chorus for adding Depth and Ambience to the Sound
  • Up to 1000ms Analog-Voicing Delay with TAP TEMPO, expanding your Tonal Spectrum for Solo and Riff playing
  • CAB SIM Function on the Phones Jack, for Recording or Direct-to-PA
  • Built-in TUNER for Turning your Instrument at any time; 9V Center Negative Regular Pedal Power Supply (Adapter included)


Dapper Mini is a seriously potent effects strip with all the essentials for guitar. It's small but mighty. It has 4 main functions: DRIVE module with overdrive and distortion, CHORUS module with tuner, analog-voiced DELAY Mode with tap tempo. Besides, it has PHONES jack with built-in CAB SIM for silent jams.

Details about Dapper Mini Effect Strip/Multi-effect Pedal

DRIVE Module: The DRIVE module is an overdrive/distortion combo. Use the toggle to select between slick honey and mean dirt. In OD mode, you get a warm, thick overdrive; in DIST mode, you get that classic British high gain sound.

CHORUS Module: Plunge into the CHORUS module to take your sound to a brave new world. Fine tune the onboard rate and depth knobs to beef up your cleans or give some extra body to your drives. Hold the CHORUS module ON/OFF switch to enable the TUNER. When this module is activated, Dapper Mini will be MUTED. There are 3 LEDs right next to OD/DIST toggle indicating the pitch accuracy.

DELAY Module: Use the analog-voiced DELAY module to beef up your riffs and solos with warm, clear repeats. Hold the footswitch to enable Tap Tempo function. Tap to the rhythm of the song you're playing, and the TAP/PHONES LED will pulse to indicate the delay time you set. Hold the footswitch again to return to knob-controlled tempo mode. The max delay time is 1000ms.

PHONES Jack: Plug your earphones into the PHONES jack (unbalanced) for silent jams. It's equipped with a cab simulator, so you can run Dapper Mini right to your headphones and sound like you're playing through a stack. You can also run a line out of this jack for direct recording or straight to the house PA system.

Valeton Dapper Mini Stage Session Gigging Gear Overdrive Distortion Chorus Delay Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal