UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Back Relieving Pain 108 Jade and 42 Tourmaline Stone 90 Watt

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UTK Far Infrared heating pads with Normal Jade and Tourmaline Stones from UTK can assist with freeing torment at various focuses from the body. This lightweight full-body heating pads is great for alleviating torment in the midriff, back, mid-region, legs, and elsewhere you feel torment. Made with 108 regular jade and 42 tourmaline stones, the heating pads is simply difficult to utilize yet in addition has extraordinary warmth maintenance. The one of a kind carbon fiber wire can produce far-infrared beams that enter profound into human tissues to ease body torment. Estimating 21 inches long and 31 inches wide, this delicate intensity cushion permits you to lay across the entire mat or fold it over yourself for 360-degree help. The included corded indoor regulator has a memory capability that recalls the past temperature you set, an auto shut-off setting, and gradual intensity changes that reach from 103 to 159 degrees Fahrenheit. Intended to assuage muscle and joint agony, the Far Infrared heating pads with Normal Jade and Tourmaline Stones is the best method for easing distress. this 21 by 31 Inch.


Heating Tourmaline Pad Jade Mat Infrared Therapy Far Natural Stone Electric
  • Far Infrared Heat Pad for Back Pain: Built-in Carbon-Fiber, emit far-infrared rays while heated. Far infrared can reach the inner-most regions of tissues and muscles of the human body, increasing circulation, perfect for back, joints pain, etc.
  • More Wider Heating Area: 108 natural Jade plus 42 Tourmaline Stones, increase heating area, additional tourmaline stones emits much more negative ions than pure jade pad while heated, more effective on back pain.
  • Memory Function: Smart controller has 6 temperature settings and time setting, AUTO-OFF, Memory Function. Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.CE certification.
  • Full Body Versatility: More effective on back, shoulder, abdomen, legs, arms pain, etc.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: UTK is always providing the best service. Any performance failure occurs within 3 years caused by non-human damage, you can get our after-service for free.
  • Versatile Size 21″X31″: perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, arms, and more.
  • Precise Heat Settings: Smart digital controller adjusts heat (103°F-159°F by 1°F increments) to your comfort level.
  • Precise TIME Settings: Smart digital controller adjusts time settings from 0-240 minutes by 15 minutes increments.
  • Memory Function: The “MEM” button remembers your favorite heat and time settings.
  • 4-Hour Auto Shut-Off: Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating.
  • 10-Foot Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair
  • Premium Travel Bag: Keeps the heating pad protected in between uses.
  • Pad Size: 21″ X31″
  • Heating area (area with stone covered) : 14”X27”
  • Weight of Pad: 6lbs
  • Power: AC110~120, 60Hz, 150 Watts
  • Pad Material: Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton, 108 Individual Natural Jade Stones and 42 Individual tourmaline Stones
  • Auto Shut-Off Time: 240 minutes
  • Warm-temperature range (103°F~109°F) for overnight using
  • Low-temperature range (110°F~119°F) for 3-4h sessions
  • Medium-temperature range (120°F ~129°F) for 2-3h sessions
  • Medium-High-temperature range (130°F ~139°F) for 1-2h sessions
  • High-temperature range (140°F~149°F) for 30-60 minute sessions
  • Very-High-temperature range (150°F ~159°F) for 30-minute sessions
UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad for Back Relieving Pain 108 Jade and 42 Tourmaline Stone 90 Watt