Tribest Sousvant Sous Vide Circulator

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• Removable carafe makes it easy to fill and remove water
• Transparent carafe lets you monitor the cooking progress without opening the unit
• Removable lid prevents evaporation and helps regulate precise temperatures
• Powerful 1000W built-in circulation system rapidly heats water to desired cooking temperature to 0.1°F without the need to worry about minimum/maximum fill levels
• Temperature range of 95-194ºF
• All-digital display is user-friendly and foolproof with precise temperature controls for perfect results every single time
• Built-in safety indicator warns user if power has been interrupted and food may be unsafe for consumption
• Sleek, all-in-one design does not require additional containers, immersion circulators, unnecessary installation, or DIY jobs
• Compact design allows for extra-large 3 gallon capacity that handles your largest cooking jobs without taking up all the kitchen space
• Quiet and energy-efficient operation
• Easy clean-up – No messy pots and pans. Just empty and wipe down the carafe with a soft cloth
• Saves money – Tenderizes inexpensive cuts
• Insulated housing is much safer than using immersion circulators
• More nutritional value – added nutrients and juices are preserved in the vacuum-sealed bag


The Sousvant is the easiest way to bring gourmet restaurant results into the comfort of your own kitchen. The Sousvant’s innovative all-in-one design, removable carafe, and powerful 1000W circulator will have you cooking like a pro in no time. Experience the intense flavor and luscious textures that sous vide brings to even the simplest of recipes. Vegetables stay snappy and rich in flavor. Ribs and roasts turn out perfectly moist with that fall-off-the-bone tenderness. Never overcook a steak again. The Sousvant is the easy way to get high-end restaurant results in an easy-to-use package. It’s sous vide made simple. No experience necessary.

Tribest Sousvant Sous Vide Circulator