Tribest Raw Tea Kettle, GKD-450-B Glass Electric Water Kettle

Product Code: GKD-450-B

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  • Glass Body – The inner layer is made of glass for durability and easy cleaning
  • Presets – Precise, versatile temperature controls allow you to program the kettle to your specific needs (Boil or Just Warm, Coffee, Black Tea, Green Tea, and Raw Temperature settings)
  • Raw Temperature – Set your water at the perfect raw temperature of 115 degrees
  • Double-Walled – Glass wall with a plastic outer layer adds durability and protects you from burns when the kettle is hot while keeping your water safe from plastic contact
  • Filter – Quickly and efficiently heat up water and more without getting solids into your drinks
  • Cordless – A cordless 360-degree swivel design makes it a breeze to remove and place the kettle back into place
  • Large Capacity – A large 1.7 liter capacity means you'll get enough for multiple servings
  • BPA-Free – All plastic parts are BPA-Free to ensure worry-free use
  • Keep Warm – Keep warm for up to 6 hours
  • Automatic Shut-Off – Automatically shuts off when the liquid inside has reached boiling point
  • Blue LED light – Keep track of your water even in the dark!


The Tribest Glass Raw Tea Kettle is not your ordinary kettle. Its unique preset feature makes it the most advanced tea kettle on the market. Heat up water to your favorite temperature with the touch of a button, including a raw temperature that warms up to 115°F (45°C). The Glass Raw Tea Kettle’s unique preset buttons allow you to set the kettle to your specific needs. Press “Boil” to quickly and safely boil water. The auto-shutoff safety feature ensures safe use of the kettle by automatically shutting the kettle off when the water reaches boiling point.

Tribest Raw Tea Kettle, GKD-450-B Glass Electric Water Kettle