TIMEMORE 2020 Old Version Digital Espresso Coffee Scales Kitchen Scales with Auto Timing, 2000 Grams ,Black

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  • The scale only measures in grams. The measuring precision of the scale is ±0.5g within a range of 0.5g-500g, ±1g within a range of 500g-1000g, ±3g within a range of 1000g-2000g. The initial minimum weight is 0.5g, the maximum load weight is 2kg. SIZE: 150mm*130mm*26mm (around 5.90in* 5.12in * 1.02in). The scale itself weighs 380g. As weighing and displaying are on the same plane, the reaction may delay a bit when you press
  • The upgraded scale can use for both espresso and brewing. Please make sure the width and length of the drip tray of your espresso machine is no shorter than 12.5cm and 14.5cm and there’s at least 10cm between the bottom of your portafilter to the drip tray
  • TYPE C USB CHARGING INTERFACE - Built-in1600mAh rechargeable lithium battery. A greener alternative power source makes battery last for 10 hrs. Don't use supercharge, use normal charge
  • POWER SAVING - When the timer function is NOT turned on, it will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of standby. When the timer function IS turned on, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of standby (standby refers to the condition that there is no change in the measurement)
  • AUTO-TIMING - The scale timer starts to count automatically when the water is filled. ( 40 seconds or more to retain the data ) The number of times and weights will stop changing when you pick up the equipment. Allowing you to control the extraction time and extraction weight without interference and enjoy the aroma changes of coffee. Suitable for both espresso and pour over


Auto Timer Mode

Step 1: To ture on/off auto timer mode, tap the timer buttom several times until you hear a beep. The letter A Indicator will light up.

Step 2: Put brewing equipments on the scale and add in ground coffee. Short press the timer buttom once and the display counts down 3-2-1 on the right side.

Step 3: After the 3 seconds, the weight goes to 0. As you add water, the scale will sense the weight and the timer will start timing your brew. ( 40 seconds or more to retain the data ).

Step 4: Once the brewing equipments are removed from the scale, the timer stops and the records will flash. Place the equipments back on the scale and short press the timer buttom can continue the timer and weighing functions. Short press the timer buttom again to stop it. Long press the timer buttom to restart auto timer mode.

For Making Pour-Over Coffee

The weighing and timing function is presented in a way that matches the pour-over coffee-making technique. It reduces the interference in the water injection process, allowing you to experience pour over coffee brewing more immersively.

How To Deal With Weight Changes

  • 1. Make sure whether it’s constant change or repetitive change.
  • 2. If it’s repetitive change, check whether the scale is placed level. Make sure there’s no wind flow.
  • 3. If step 2/3 doesn’t work, take off the pad and place the scale upside down. Press the four corners of the scale to make sure the inner sensor is well connected to the scale board. Then turn it back and see if it works.
  • 4. The RESET Button is at the bottom of the scale. Press it to reset.
  • 5. If it still doesn’t work, please reset again or return it back. (Please note: If the weight constantly decrease after adding hot water when making pour over, and the weight is decreasing slowly, please take evaporation into consideration.)
TIMEMORE 2020 Old Version Digital Espresso Coffee Scales Kitchen Scales with Auto Timing, 2000 Grams ,Black