Thorex Back & Body Roller, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

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 Effective Pain Relief: Our longer roller provides anterior mobilization to three segments simultaneously, which gives you soothing pain relief wherever you need it most.

 Release Muscle Tension: Target specific muscle groups with our unique body massage roller and reduce your daily stress. Finally release that muscle tension that has you bothered all day long.

 Healthy Spine Alignment: The convenient design will spread pressure over a larger area, this improving your posture, re-align your spine and also alleviate chronic pressure.


Thorex 8-Wheel Rolling Deep Tissue Massager for Ground or Wall Use

The ultimate personal rolling massager for exceptional myofascial release and muscle soreness relief. Forget the vibrating massagers or handheld rollers that don’t get deep enough - The Thorex will give your body the deep and pain relieving massage you need.

Thorex has got your back! The convenient portable design allows you to give yourself a deep tissue massage no matter where you are. Control how much pressure you apply to each muscle group.

Great For:

● Pain relief or muscle soreness

● Stress relief

● Release muscle tension or knots

● Healthy spine alignment

All other handheld, cheaply-made shiatsu, or flimsy back massagers just don’t get the job done. Foam rollers are often very painful and ineffective while handheld manual massagers leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Chiropractor & Massage Therapist-Approved Personal Deep Tissue Massager! Get professional muscle release right from the comfort of your own home.

Thorex 8-Wheel Trigger Point Roller is designed by a Laptop Hunchback and workout warrior. We knew we needed a simple and easy way to relax after a long day of work without seeing a massage therapist - And Thorex was born.

Built to last with extremely durable materials that will ensure our muscle roller will provide you with superior muscle relaxing pressure each and every day.

A performance based roller that you can rely on. No more using electronic or other hand held massagers that will easily break or not last over time. The Thorex will be your go-to on tough days for years to come.

Unlike other electronic massage devices, you can use your massager roller anywhere without relying on batteries or electric outlets

Thorex Back & Body Roller, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage