Swampfox TRIHAWK 3X30 Prism Scope, Green IR BDC

Product Code: Swampfox-TPS00330-GB-Green-IR-BDC

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  • Prismatic scope with 3X magnification. All the benefits of a red dot plus the built in addition of 3X magnification and great anti-glare, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic glass
  • Uber long eye relief. This optic is 33% more forgiving of eye placement which facilitates rapid target acquisition. Coupled with Super wide (True 10 degree) field of view. Trihawk provides 53 ft of view at 100 yards as opposed to less that 36 ft for most of the competition
  • Several great reticle choices. All are etched into the glass, so even with loss of battery they still work. 556 / 308 BDC or 40 MOA Ladder. Red or Green. All come with ten brightness settings. The other six are for those in betweens
  • Shake ‘n Wake technology built in. The reticle powers down after 225 seconds of inactivity but instantly powers back on with any movement.
  • We use our products so Trihawk comes with everything you need, battery, mount, flip up caps, and a honeycomb anti-relfection device


You’ve never seen through a 3x prism scope like the Swampfox Trihawk. Trihawk’s magic is achieving a true 10-degree field of view, while still giving the shooter 33% more eye relief than classic military issue prism scopes. ​ ​When you need a simple, tough and compact fixed power scope to take fast and accurate shots from CQB distance out to medium range, you’ll see more (and hit more) when you’re seeing it all through a Trihawk.​

Trihawk’s Trident Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) reticle features a center trident surrounded by an outer ring and indicator lines to draw your eye to the center of the field of view for very fast sight acquisition. The BDC is compatible with 5.56 NATO and .308 Win bullet trajectories. When you look through a Trihawk 3x prism scope, you command a wide of territory extending hundreds of yards in front of you. You can use the 5.56 NATO / .308 BDC or 40 MOA ladder reticle to make confident, fast hits without losing your situational awareness and overall command of the field. ​

Swampfox TRIHAWK 3X30 Prism Scope, Green IR BDC