Swampfox Justice - Micro Reflex Green Dot Sights (RMR Pistol Cut) 3 MOA Reticle (Justice 1x27 - Green Dot)

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Liberty and Justice are the latest open reflex dot sights designed for everyday carry and competition on pistols, carbines, and shotguns. With a smaller design than our previous Kingslayer series, Liberty and Justice have been slimmed down while maintaining their durability with a 7075 aluminum body. You can choose between the standard 1x22mm Liberty or the larger competition-style Justice 1x27mm, both offered in a red or green variant with Shake N' Wake technology. The only difference between Liberty and Justice is the size of the window; they are identical in every other aspect.

Liberty and Justice do not include the 1913 Picatinny low mount in the box. The mount is sold separately.


  • Give Me Liberty: The 22mm wide window makes Liberty about the same width as a double-stack 9mm Pistol slide. Liberty is a bit easier to conceal than its bigger brother Justice. Liberty is narrower with flush fitting brightness buttons on the left and a top-loading CR1632. Liberty’s emitter section is also lower profile, allowing iron sights of .365” or higher to co-witness
  • Justice For All: Justice is identical to Liberty except for its larger window, measuring 27mm wide. Justice is great for shotguns, carbines, duty or competition pistols where concealing is not important and even faster sight acquisition is desired. Liberty and Justice share the same RMR footprint, and body dimensions underneath the window. In all respects other than window size, Liberty and Justice are identical, and both are fully compatible with standard ALS law enforcement holsters
  • Seeing Red Again: Liberty and Justice feature high battery life emitters, available as 3 MOA red dot reticles. Other companies claim impressive battery life figures, but those numbers aren’t true at the daylight bright settings used for everyday carry. Liberty and Justice get about 4,000 hours battery life at daylight brightness. Coupled with Shake ‘N Wake illumination, we estimate once a year battery changes
  • Built For Retention Holsters: Compatibility issues can be a major headache when adopting a new piece of equipment, but you don’t have to worry. There is no need to go holster hunting or invest in an expensive custom holster setup. Liberty and Justice fit securely in all ALS series duty holsters, both optic and holster fully function as intended
  • Shake It, Baby: Liberty and Justice feature Shake ‘N Wake motion sensing illumination tech to help save battery life. After four minutes without motion, illumination shuts off. Even the smallest tap or tilt will wake it up to the previous brightness setting. This allows daily carry without wasting battery life
Swampfox Justice - Micro Reflex Green Dot Sights (RMR Pistol Cut) 3 MOA Reticle (Justice 1x27 - Green Dot)