Swampfox Freedom Rings - Normal Type 1 Pair

Product Code: Swampfox-MRF30-M-Freedom-Ring-30mm-1.6"

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  • Machined in matching pairs for consistency
  • Truly hardcoat oxidized for excellent scratch and corrosion resistance
  • Centerline heights available for most rifles
  • Correct fitment to 1913 MIL STD specification
  • Made from the best materials

Product Description


  • Standard height for AR-15 and large frame AR rifles
  • Places optic centerline at the same level as AR iron sights
  • A standard setup for rifles with "in-line" stocks at the same level as the receiver rail
  • Will work with precision scopes featuring large 56mm objective lenses
  • Rifles with stocks located lower than the receiver rail may need a cheek piece added


  • Super tall option now gaining popularity
  • A great option when you need to see over iron sights or bulky handguard-mounted accessories
  • Faster sight acquisition in run-and-gun competition using Low Power Variable Optics
  • Not ideal for precision shooting from prone, a cheekpiece or adjustable stock will help
  • Not designed as "see through" rings, no co-witness with iron sights
Swampfox Freedom Rings - Normal Type 1 Pair