Swampfox Arrowhead Tube 1-10X24 SFP IR BDC Riflescope, Wider Field of View consistent Reticle Size Super Low Light compatible 30mm

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Great glass is just the start of what makes a truly superior sight picture. Arrowhead's optical engineering, the math that dictates how the lenses transmit the light through Arrowhead, is state of the art. You'll see the difference as soon as you look through Arrowhead—at any magnification.


Second Focal Plane construction provides a consistent reticle size at all magnifications. The result is an instant, familiar sight picture for unbeatable speed when it counts most-- from close quarters distance out to 200 yards.


You need to be at maximum magnification to use the medium range holdovers, so Arrowhead's included throw lever lets you slap your magnification to the max in a heartbeat. Arrowhead's lever attaches directly via four bolts—there's no ring to slip or loosen over time.

Locking Windage And Elevation Turrets​

Arrowhead features push-pull locking turrets that require no tools and can be quickly used out in the field. Push the turrets towards the scope body to lock them in place. Pull them away from the scope body to adjust. Real simple, real tough. No more worries that a turret got "bumped" away from its zero when you weren't looking.


Arrowhead features dual LED emitters, making daylight bright etched reticle illumination possible at the highest settings. Arrowhead's illumination knob features a tactile "OFF" notch between each of the 12 brightness settings.​


After sighting in your rifle it is easy to reset "zero" indication on the turrets using just a coin or wide screwdriver to release the outer turret and re-orient it. This very important feature can be adjusted in seconds without affecting the push/pull locking system at all.


  • State-of-the-art optical design creates a wider field of view without sacrificing eye relief
  • Push/ Pull locking turrets lock in any position to prevent unwanted adjustments without using tools. Zero resettable using a coin or screwdriver
  • True 1x user experience with a flat, fast sight picture, great eye box and brightness even at full magnification
  • 12 red reticle illumination brightness levels, 2 are super low light compatible. "OFF" detents between each brightness level.
  • Included throw lever bolts directly to the magnification ring


Swampfox Arrowhead Tube 1-10X24 SFP IR BDC Riflescope, Wider Field of View consistent Reticle Size Super Low Light compatible 30mm