StripMeister E350 Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine


  • Strips all wire sizes from #18 wire to 350 MCM, Diameters from 0.100″ (3mm) up to 0.95″ (24.1mm) including ROMEX and braided (stranded) wire
  • The perfect wire stripping machine built for a huge range of jobs for most people with scrap wire.
  • Supremely robust frame for its intended max wire gauges
  • Far stronger than any competitors model in its class
  • Heavy duty knife and 15mm drive shaft almost double the strength of the E250
  • Larger spiral groove feeders will strip wire faster at same RPMs as E250
  • Includes 1/4HP fan cooled DC Motor tough enough to run all day and night
  • Variable speed control to find the perfect speed for all your different wire sizes.
  • Constructed from solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Built in ROMEX adapter
  • Precision engineered, machined knife and feeder drives from hardened, heat treated tool steel
  • Blade depth reference indicator on top knob for easy fine adjustment of blade height
  • All precision machined with 5axis CNC milling technology
  • Safety approval CSA/UL
  • Dimensions 22lbs 14x11x17 inches

 Manufactured and assembled in North America

StripMeister E350 Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine