Staun Automatic Tire Deflators (Standard Duty 6-30 PSI)

Product Code: Staun-Standard Duty 6-30 PSI

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  • Automatic: Deflate tires automatically to anywhere between 6 and 30 PSI, factory preset to 18 PSI
  • Convenient: Save your back and knees. Yes, now you can stand up while you air down!
  • Fast: Air down all four tires in just a few minutes. Practically the fastest way to air down.
  • Compact: Store easily just about anywhere in the included genuine leather pouch
  • Made in Australia: Airing down tires around the globe since 1998.

    Staun Tyre Deflators are the easy way to deflate your tires for increased off-road traction. They simply screw onto the tire valves to automatically deflate all tires to your preset pressure. Factory Preset to 18PSI. Stop wasting 30 minutes fumbling with your keys or an old screwdriver and a pressure gauge. "Staunies" will have you on the trail in just a few minutes, quick and easy.

    Staun Automatic Tire Deflators (Standard Duty 6-30 PSI)