Staun Automatic Tire Deflators (Light Duty 1-10 PSI)

Product Code: StaunLight Duty 1-10 PSI

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  • SAVE TIME with fully automatic tire deflation for a quick and carefree experience
  • LIGHT DUTY model adjustable from 1-10 PSI, factory preset to 7 PSI.
  • EASY TO ADJUST to the desired pressure or simply use the factory preset PSI
  • FOUR DEFLATORS included with each set makes airing down all four tires at the same time quick and painless.
  • PRECISION MADE in Australia.


Staun tire deflators provide an easy way to automatically deflate your tires to a precise pressure for off highway driving. Forget the backbreaking task of constantly deflating and checking the tire with a pressure gauge. Staun tire deflators simply screw onto any tire valve and automatically deflate to any preset pressure you desire. Staun tire deflators will let you down!

Staun Automatic Tire Deflators (Light Duty 1-10 PSI)