RIP-IT Defense Softball Fielder’s Mask – Black – Adult

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  • RIP-IT DEFENSE FIELDER'S MASK - Pitchers are throwing faster, batters are hitting harder, and the game is more competitive than ever. That's why we created the Defense Softball Fielder's Mask. This mask provides comfort and maximum protection in a lightweight package (0.69 lbs) with unobstructed visibility. It comes in a variety of sizes and convenient colors that match most standard uniforms, and upgrade kits are available for visors, extra padding, and more.
  • LOADED WITH CONVENIENT FEATURES - The RIP-IT Defense Softball Fielder's Mask is made to elevate your game and encourage aggressive fielding. It features the largest viewable area of any fielder's mask, and is ergonomically designed for a secure fit when running. This mask also features a ponytail-friendly Y-shaped head strap and an infinitely adjustable chin cup for constant comfort, even when you're calling for a pop up.
  • SCIENTIFIC STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Engineered with steel safety cells, the RIP-IT Defense Softball Fielder's Mask uses variable flex technology to transfer and reduce the force of impact, dramatically lowering the risk of skin contusions, concussions, and other injuries. It includes side and forehead padding for both an optimal fit and effective shock absorption. Save yourself the medical bills and kiss black eyes, busted noses, split lips, and chipped teeth goodbye.
  • RIP-IT DEFENSE QUALITY - At RIP-IT, we understand that team sports are an integral part of confidence building and help provide girls with the skills they need to be successful. We make quality products that honor this commitment. That's why each Defense Pro is backed with a $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy, which will help cover your medical costs in the (seriously unlikely) event of a dental or nose injury from a softball striking the fielder's mask.


Before, players were forced to use fielding masks that limited their vision, were bulky, and uncomfortable. Today players all over the world have switched to the RIP-IT Defense and are experiencing a level of vision and comfort never possible before. Steel Safety Cell Impacts from the ball hitting the Defense are repelled and the force is absorbed and transferred away from the point of impact. Superior Vision The Defense creates a stunning amount of vision and most players tend to forget they are wearing one. The flawless design is centered on removing what was unnecessary, and has created the best vision possible for a fielder’s face mask. You can see your feet. One of the unique things about the Defense is when you look down you can actually see your feet. While most face masks have obstructed views fielding grounders or pop-ups, the Defense and its clutter free design makes seeing the ball to your glove easy and flawless. Ponytails are part of the game. If you wear a ponytail while playing you know the issues it can cause. The Defense solves this problem with its ponytail strap. The ponytail strap allows you to pull your ponytail through the opening so everything fits perfect. Talking chin cups. Because the chin cup on the Defense is infinitely adjustable it fits you exactly how you want it to. This means more comfort, better positioning, and the ability to talk easily while wearing a fielder’s mask. The secret is the back of the chin cup is made of one continuous piece of velcro. Meaning you can stick it on however you need to.

RIP-IT Defense Softball Fielder’s Mask – Black – Adult