Pleno M5.0 Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun

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Pleno M5.0 Professional Deep Muscle Massager

This professional-grade muscle massager gun features an ergonomic handle and percussive therapy to provide best deep tissue massage treatment for muscle spasms and back pain relief. It is designed to help increase muscle recovery and reduce spasm-associated inflammation, aiding in improved mobility.

New Generation Noise Reduction Technology 24V brush less DC motor and double bearing transmission brings a high power and low noise experience.

Nine Gears of Speed Shifting Nine speed shifting design meets a variety of massage needs.

3 Hrs Battery Life and 1.5 hrs battery charge time 24V 2000mAh Power Li ion Battery, 3 hrs of continuous use in the highest gear.

Five Massage Heads Pleno M5.0 offers five customized soft massage heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage.

Food Grade Silicone Protective Cover Massage gun grip and power cabin are covered with silicone cover,which brings fine and smooth gripping touch, and prevent slips and falls from hand.

Packing list: One set of massager, 24V Adaptor, Five massager tips and one tips bag, Instruction manual, One handbag.


  • DESIGNED FOR MUSCLE RELIEF: Pleno deep tissue massager increases lymphatic flow and reduces lactic acid. Helps relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms and stiffness
  • PROVEN BY SCIENCE: Scientifically proven vibration frequency and amplitude effectively relieve muscle spasm, Pleno deep muscle massager increase blood flow, and significantly shorten muscle recovery time
  • THE FIRST EVER NINE SPEED SHIFT ADJUSTMENT DESIGN: which can adjust different frequencies. Combining frequency, amplitude, and torque Pleno deep kneading massager gives you a new and satisfying relaxation experience
  • WHENEVER and WHEREVER RELIEF FOR YOUR WHOLE BODY: The handheld designed and 5 tips attachments allow you to reach every muscle, every trigger point, scar tissue, back, neck, foot, leg, knot, thigh, hip, arm. Instant relief and shorten recovery time
  • Pleno electric handheld massager gun is portable, cordless, powerful percussion therapy. It is the future of muscle relief.


Pleno M5.0 Professional Deep Tissue Muscle Massager Gun