Peterson StroboPlus HDC - Chromatic Handheld Strobe Tuner

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  • ULTRA-HIGH TUNING RESOLUTION: The StroboPLUS HDC employs Peterson's proprietary Strobo Tuning Technology to tune your instrument to an ultra-high degree of accuracy
  • REAL-TIME TUNING RESPONSE: The StroboPLUS HDC's Virtual Strobe display is DIRECTLY driven by the input signal. That means you'll see the attack, sustain, and the decay of the note being tuned - all in real-time
  • METRONOME INCLUDED: The StroboPLUS HDC includes the most innovative and versatile metronome as a standard feature.
  • Loads of Sweetened Tunings and More: The StroboPLUS HDC comes with over 180 factory preset Sweetened Tunings that cover a wide variety of electric and acoustic instruments. Sweetened Tunings address the specific inharmonicities of the selected instruments to optimize their tuning
  • PETERSON CONNECT ENABLED: eterson Connect is also the hub for updating firmware ensuring that it remains up-to-date with any future software upgrades.


The StroboPLUS HDC’s 0.1 cent tuning accuracy will tune any instrument with the utmost precision. Featuring a high-definition, multi-color display with variable color LED backlight, the StroboPLUS HDC display can be seen easily across the stage, bench, studio or classroom. Over 200 exclusive Sweetened Tunings® and Guided Tunings on-board accommodate a variety of instruments, temperaments, and musical genres.

Peterson StroboPlus HDC - Chromatic Handheld Strobe Tuner