Peterson Metronome (BPS1)

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  • Feel clear, precise vibes for exact tempo indication from versatile clip
  • Compatible with virtually any metronome app or Hardware metronome
  • Clip to your belt line, shoe, or other desired place for optimal feedback
  • Usb-rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery
  • Feel accents and subdivisions when used with the body beat metronome app or approved app


Tempo should be felt. The loud click of a metronome was never intended to accompany your music. Experience the freedom of playing to an exact tempo without your metronome playing with you. Metronomes haven't changed much over the years. Since the early 9th century, they've helped to improve a players musical performance by producing an audible click at a desired tempo. But, recently Peterson suggested a new method. Since the introduction of Peterson vibe-clip technology, musicians all over the world are now experiencing a way to internalize tempo, rather than merely playing along to a robotic wood block or cowbell. Peterson body beat products provide a tactile Pulse that can be felt but not heard, can be worn discreetly and allows your ears to focus on the music you're creating. The Peterson body beat Pulse solo is a rechargeable active clip-on device that gives every electronic metronome the capability to silently convey tempo. Connect the standard 3.5 millimeter stereo plug and give your favorite metronome whole new level of functionality. The body beat Pulse will even work with the metronome apps on your mobile device. Use the Pulse with the Peterson body beat metronome app (iOS) or other peterson-approved apps (iOS & Android) and you'll also feel Three different levels of intensity for downbeats, accents and subdivisions.

Peterson Metronome (BPS1)