Octave Temperature Reader Version 1.2 - Black | Color Changing Screen | Alarm, Display Feature with Improved UI | Desktop Wireless Thermal Sensor

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  • Temperature Accuracy - The Terp Timer is a desktop temperature gauge that allows you to dial in the exact desired dabbing temperature. Set your desired temp and the unit will beep to remind you when it hits that temperature.
  • Laser Target - The Octave Terp Timer helps you locate the banger and read the most accurate temperature through infared thermo sensor.
  • 1000Mah Lithium-Ion Battery - Terp Timer comes with a premium 1000mAh battery, enough to last for upto two months without charging!
  • Kit Includes - This kit includes 1 Alloy Body Terp Timer, USB charger, and instruction manual. Never miss that sweet spot with the Octave Terp Timer!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Myster stands behind our products 100%. If you are not satisfied for any reason please reach out and we will make it right!
  • Set the alarm -  Utilize the set button and bolts to turn the alert on and off. We suggest you utilize the caution, since that way you needn't bother with to be gazing at the Drove screen constantly. It will simply blare when it's prepared.


The Terp Timer, made by the team at Octave, is an incredible tool to insure a perfect dab every time. The sturdy and sleek unit can be programmed to alert the user when a desire temperature is reached with an alarm, with an automated display, and a laser sensor which is visible (this visible laser can be turned off). The unit has an incredible battery life a 2-3 months even with frequent use.

This is also the perfect travel dab thermometer since the body, masterfully crafted from aerospace alloy, keeps it durable, yet lightweight.

To clean the outside, simply wipe it with a sodden fabric, however for the sensor you shouldn't contact it or put any sort of dissolvable in it. Simply utilize compacted air like the one utilized for PCs and gadgets (this IS an electronic gadget all things considered).

Temperature goes from 60˚F - 1500˚F so it can oblige all inclinations in spotting.

Did you neglect to switch it off after your spots? No problem, the Octave switches itself off following 20 minutes of being inactive. Goodness, and it likewise has a long term guarantee.

Around here at the Reserve Shack we think this will turn into a fundamental frill for any spotting rig. So assuming you like to spot, now is the ideal time to develop your custom with the Octave Terp Clock.

1000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery- Laser Target

Supported by a 1,000mAh lithium-ion battery, you can rely on months of juice before you need to recharge your Terp Timer. It even features a tip-resistant magnetic base which comes particularly handy during a group sesh. Best of all, with the Terp Timer leaving your hands free for torches and dab tools, you can finally really relax into your sesh.

Octave Temperature Reader Version 1.2 - Black | Color Changing Screen | Alarm, Display Feature with Improved UI | Desktop Wireless Thermal Sensor