Nobels ODR-Mini Natural True Bypass Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal with SPECTRUM Control

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  • Nobels ODR-Mini Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal Features Below
  • Slim Body with True Bypass
  • Ultralight 100% Natural OVERDRIVE
  • SPECTRUM control with center, Glow in the dark knobs
  • 9-18 Volt operation possible with higher voltage you will get much more headroom!


Nobels ODR-Mini Natural Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal. Although the ODR-mini has the same DNA as the ODR-1... but it sounds different.With the popularity of their ODR-1 Overdrive, Nobels engineers sought to take that sound and put it in a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly enclosure. They have done just that with the Nobels ODR-Mini Green Overdrive pedal. Offering up the amazing tone you would expect from the ODR-1, Nobels has also included some additional features guaranteed to make the ODR-Mini an instant classic in its own right. Aside from the smaller enclosure, Nobels has also added true bypass switching and glow in the dark position markers.Smaller EnclosureThe ODR-Mini features a smaller enclosure than its big brother, the ODR-1, a welcome addition to their lineup that is sure to be a hit amongst road warriors. The ODR-Mini features the same Drive, Spectrum and Level controls as the ODR-1 and offers up that same natural overdrive sound everyone has come to know and love.True Bypass SwitchingUnlike the ODR-1, the ODR-Mini features true bypass switching, allowing players to cleanly bypass the effect when the pedal is off. Perfect for tone purists, true bypass switching permits your guitars signal to pass through the pedal with no unwanted tonal coloration or loss of frequencies.Glow in the Dark Position MarkersThe ODR-Mini features knobs with glow in the dark position markers. This would benefit players who find themselves regularly playing darker venues. Plus, it could be a pretty neat conversation starter.

Nobels ODR-Mini Natural True Bypass Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal with SPECTRUM Control